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Element-It MultiPowUpload 2.1 Examples

The following examples explains the use of the MultiPowUpload component.

Examples will work only at web server! We recommend to extract distribution archive to web folder MultiPowUpload and run Default.html page in browser from your web site (i.e http://localhost/MultiPowUpload/Default.html)
If you have something problems with samples see Known bugs and limitations and Troubleshooting sections of MultiPowUpload help.

Trial version has max 10 files select, each max 50MB limitation! It can't be used more than 30 days. Thumbnail viewer plug-in adds "Trial" watermark.

Examples list:

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Examples that uses External Interface is supported in the following versions of browser:


Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher

Netscape 8.0 and higher

Mozilla 1.7.5 and higher

Firefox 1.0 and higher

Opera 9.0 and higher

Safari 1.3 and higher

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